Overseas Speedometer

& Instrument Service

All packages must contain the following information or your repair may be delayed:

  • Name
  • Business card (if available)
  • Shipping address
  • Daytime and cell telephone numbers
  • Payment info or check to cover cost plus shipping
  • Description of problem or requested service

Shipping Instructions

We have provided a shipping form which you can complete, then print out and send along with your packaged instrument. This will help to ensure that we have all of the required information in order to undertake your repair.

Generally shipping is the greatest time factor in the repair process. We have found that Priority Mail is usually faster and cheaper than UPS when shipping small packages long distance. Both services provide free package tracking via an 800 number or on the internet. The postal service delivers on Saturday at no additional cost

Packaging Instructions

Damage caused in shipping due to improper packaging can significantly increase the total cost of your repair! Please observe the packaging instructions below, refined from many years of receiving delicate instruments via mail and shipping companies.

  • Use a sturdy cardboard box a reasonable size larger than the unit. Avoid using shallow boxes.
  • If a small box the size of the unit is available, it is a good idea to double box the instrument.
  • Place the unit in a plastic bag to keep packing materials from getting inside it.
  • Preferred packing materials are bubble-wrap, packaging paper or crushed-up plastic grocery bags.

The most sensitive parts of the speedometer are the needle, the shaft in the center of the face plate and the circuit board. If possible, do not permit packing materials to press against the face plate. We suggest that you tape a plastic bowl over the face or tape a band of cardboard around the unit.